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Employee survey 2017

Every year we run an employee engagement survey to find out what our employees think about working for ELEXON.

This enables us to understand what we do well and where we need to improve things as matching staff expectations is key to how we deliver our company objectives.

The survey is confidential and anonymous and run by Employee Feedback, an independent market research company. This anonymity is essential to enable staff to feedback what they think rather than what we expect them to tell us.

We have now completed the 2017 staff survey and an overview of the survey is that we have continued to increase our employee engagement index score. In short, they are comparing us with the best of the best, which is amazing.

We have attached the presentation slides for the survey as part of our corporate policy which is to be transparent about our employment values.

You will see that we have improved our engagement score but you will also see that the results are not all perfect. We will be working towards understanding all the feedback and how we can introduce change where necessary. In fact, we are running some focus groups to investigate some areas the survey has highlighted.

All in all a good set of results, the best that we have had in 6 years but still work to be done.