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We are ELEXON Our departments

Our departments

Our three departments work together to deliver a great service to customers. Whether specialising in operations, strategy and development or professional services, we share our skills and expertise to deliver great results.

BSC Operations

Our operations team delivers our core business, managing our operational relationships and processes to ensure our customers get an excellent, great value service. BSC Operations is made up of five key teams.

Change Management
The Change Management team delivers the BSC change processes, working with customers, service providers and colleagues to assess proposed changes and ensure approved changes are implemented efficiently. We chair and facilitate workgroups, conduct impact assessments and consultations, manage analysis, develop solutions and report findings. We present to the BSC Panel and Panel Committees, liaise with other code administrators and Ofgem and guide customers through the change process.

Customer Operations
The customer services team ensures that ELEXON’s customers have a dedicated individual who is responsible for day-to-day contact and managing their account. The team provides customers with monitoring and reporting on their performance in the industry and advises various committees and groups. The customer services team is also involved in providing performance assurance of the market using a variety of techniques, for example the annual audit of BSC Parties.

Market Analysis
Our Market Operations team engages with our customers and closely monitors key market indicators for the early signs of problems that might be emerging in the market. We also assess and resolve issues that our customers may be experiencing from operating within the BSC on a day-to-day basis. We advise and inform the BSC change process as well as liaising with other industry code bodies to monitor the impact of other codes on the BSC.

 Disputes and Compliance
This team’s main focus is to oversee the Performance Assurance Framework (PAF) which is a series of performance assurances that are carried out to mitigate any Settlement risks. The BSC has a large number of complex arrangements and obligations which are carried out across many participants, and there is a large volume of data with large sums of money involved.

Settlement Operations and Metering
The Settlement Operations team provides information, reporting and data management services, as well as implementing continuous service improvements to deliver value to our customers. The team maintain a number of databases that contain a range of standing data items, as well as producing performance reports and presenting information to various committees and customers, to ensure ELEXON meet all the BSC obligations. The metering function within the team provides technical support to other teams within ELEXON and the industry.

Design and Delivery

The Design and Delivery department focus on delivering change and major projects.

Design Authority
The Design and Architecture team looks after the design, architecture and development of BSC and ELEXON’s IT systems, and plan and design the future of the BSC.

Project Delivery
This team delivers projects and programmes to time and budget, including the BSC Systems Release that update the software and documentation that result from our change process. The project management process is based on PRINCE2. We’re keen to share experiences, learning lessons from other organisations through seminars, conferences and networking. We have a lot of fun and support each other through the busy periods so that we can deliver a great service to ELEXON. We also have business analysis and software testing expertise in the team.

Professional Services

Professional services supports our operational and strategic colleagues with the services they need to work effectively. The legal, communications, finance, human resources, IT, facilities, and commercial management  and procurement teams come under the umbrella of professional services. The difference is that all our teams are passionate about providing an excellent service to ELEXON so we can deliver our mission and vision.